Top languages to master in mobile application development
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Top Five Languages to Master for Mobile Application Development

In the last few years, the mobile application development industry has grown rapidly, which has changed the way many businesses function worldwide. With every business associating themselves with mobile apps for increasing their customer base and sales, there has been a rapid movement from traditional to digital marketing. It has increased the demand for mobile application development experts who can develop the same application for different mobile platforms.

Which Languages Do I Need to Learn to Become a Mobile Application Development Expert?

Once you have understood the target audience, and platform on which your application would be available, it is time to look a little bit onto the mobile application development. To develop the best app, you need the right mobile application development skills including mastering a particular language. You also need to keep in mind the business strategy to spread the word about your application. Given below are the top five languages, which you need to master to become the best mobile application developer.


The most robust programming language for creating mobile applications for Android and Windows platform is the C#. It is the go-to language for the majority of mobile application development professionals. The language might not be that much in trend, but it had dominated the programming world even before the smartphones came into existence.


The Java programming language is the first preference for an Android mobile application development professional. It is an object-oriented language, which was developed by Sun Microsystems, owned by Oracle. You can run Java efficiently in the net browser window as well as a virtual machine without a browser.

Learn these languages to master mobile application development


Apple chose Objective-C as the programming language for all iOS-based applications. It offers many functions including graphics, I/O, and display features and as a part of the Apple development framework, the Objective-C is integrated into both iOS and MacOS framework. At present, the Apple ecosystem has replaced it with another powerful mobile application development language known as  Swift.


If you are looking to build a web-based application for smartphones, then HTML5 is the best choice for mobile application development language. It makes it easier to insert different types of data, supports different screen sizes, and checks the input parameters. Besides, it also equals the browser playing field.

However, the only issue with this mobile app development language is that it is still a proposed standard for app development. The best feature of HTML5 is that it is cost-efficient and supports multiple browsers.


The latest language added to the Apple ecosystem is Swift. It is prevalent in writing code for Apple’s latest APIs, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch. Although it is a language written to work smoothly with the Objective-C, the iOS developers are now making a turn towards Swift for complete application programming. The language is designed to eliminate the chances of many security vulnerabilities, which exist in Objective-C. Many businesses are looking for mobile app developers with experience in Swift.

mobile application development- Languages to become a pro


Thus, when you are looking forward to learning mobile application development, then these five languages would help you become the best.