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Tips on How to Improve Your Website Ranking in 2019 – Get a Higher Rank

How miraculous it would have been if you knew the trick to rank your website on the first page of Google! Well, if you happen to be wondering ‘how to improve website ranking in 2019’, then you have landed on the right page. So, let’s get started.

Unique and Relevant Content

First thing first! Your content must be original! If your site is loaded with plagiarized content, Google will never let you be on the top.

Google is the most trusted search engine because of its regular algorithms updates. Nowadays, it is able to understand what kinds of words are being used on the website. It is now starting to pick the words and then penalizing the websites doing manipulation with the words.

Your website is the representative of your business. Publishing unique and quality content will help you in gaining the interest of the users.

Be Consistent

In this digital world, more than 80% of the population prefers to get information through online platforms. And the average users do not visit the second page of Google. So,  if your website is not on the first page of Google, you may be losing most of the traffic.

So, knowing that, I am sure you would want to keep your users engaged. It is essential to consider how important it is to be consistent in this monopolistic competition.

Use Alt Tags and Meta Data


Alt Tags and Meta Data are must! If you want to know how to improve Google rankings fast, you have to learn about the use of Alt Tags and Meta Data. Alt tags help Google to locate the page.

A concise and unique Metadata is helpful to encourage the users to click and visit your website.

A Quick Audit Of Your Website

To improve your ranking, you need to know where you are lacking. Check page load time, broken links, site speed, and bounce rate. Consider all these important things in mind to convert your visitors into customers.

You can use Gtmatrix to check your website speed. Tools like Semrush, Domain health report, Buzzsumo, and Ahrefs are useful for doing a quick audit of a website. It will help you decrease the bounce rate and eventually help you in your website ranking.

Get Quality Incoming Links

Your Key To Success: IMPROVE SITE RANKING IN 2019


Building incoming links is one of the best strategies in Search Engine Optimization. Google consider it as an indication of your website’s importance if other websites are linked to it. But wait! Are you focusing only on the number of your incoming links? Google consider quality over quantity.

If you get do follow links from high authority websites, Google considers it and help you get a higher ranking.

Final Verdict

As a solid piece of advice, do not take part in unethical SEO practices. The success of any online business majorly depends on getting top ranking. However, choosing is the safest possible way to improve website ranking in 2019 without being penalized.