SEO Ranking Factors To Rank Number One on Google
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The Prominent SEO Ranking Factors To Rank Number One on Google

Today, every entrepreneur desires to own a robust and dynamic website that can help to increase in the traffic (visitors) and revenue as well. After all, the logic is simple – no traffic equals no sales. Every year, almost all businesses went through fluctuation in the internet landscape. Those who do not pay attention to it, dig a cave to bury their profits. Due to rapid technological development and constant algorithm updates, it is imperative for professionals to stay updated. So, let’s jump quickly into the prominent SEO ranking factors to rank number one on Google.

Meta Tags

They are an indispensable part of search engine optimization. Meta title describes the topic of the content and Meta description describes page content. Create your Meta tags in a precise manner to improve your website ranking.

A Meta title should not be more than 70 characters, and Meta description should not be more than 160 characters including space.

Internal Linking

rank high on Google with SEO ranking factors

Driving traffic to your website is not that difficult. These days, businesses are facing challenges to retain visitors. In order to decrease the bounce rate, you will be required to link your internal pages to one another. This will increase the dwell time and reduce the overall bounce rate. Google algorithm considers all these things before ranking a webpage.


Gone are the days when SEO was the only surefire way to increase the traffic of a website. Now, Google is becoming more intelligent. It is penalizing those who try to dominate Google algorithms with unethical practices. So, the best way to increase the conversion rate is to provide the customers with unique content and decent design. Google is constantly trying to rank websites that provide a good user experience.

Visual Content

The technology is changing at a breakneck speed. Now, it is not enough to provide the users with information that they are looking for. The craze of visual content is soaring all around the digital world. As a result, not everybody likes to read texts. Most of the people these days love to consume the content through visuals like videos, podcasts, and Infographics. It has been observed that pages with visual content get more visitors than those who are loaded with only texts.

Essential SEO ranking factors in 2019

Page Speed

In the past decade, many things have changed within the internet landscape. Earlier people used to visit a site to consume the content. However, with the increase in completion, they have various options to choose from. So, in order to gain a competitive edge over the marketplace, you will be required to make AMP web pages. Keeping this thing in mind will help you increase your site speed and decrease the bounce rate of your website.


Knowing the important SEO ranking factors to rank number one on Google, you would be sure that these factors create a better user experience, and eventually help you increase your website traffic and revenue as well.