Five Fun Facts about Mobile Apps Development You Ought To Know
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Five Fun Facts about Mobile Apps Development You Ought To Know

As mobile phones continue to increase in usage over time, the need for creating mobile apps has taken a front seat. It is quite alarming to see how the number of mobile apps is increasing on both Google Android and Apple store. This, in turn, points at the fact that how mobile apps development should be a priority for every business that wishes to run successfully. There are some fun facts, which you would want to know to gather more knowledge. What are they? Lets’ find out!

Following The Three Day Theory

Do you know that there are ample numbers of apps on the apple and the android store that have never been downloaded? Stats even show that most of the apps have minutes of tenure as a user is likely to delete it in case you fail to impress the user. That is why there is a need to build mobile apps that are not only engaging but great on user experience. On average, you have a three day grace time to get the user to retain the app.

Taking Over The E-Commerce Sector

Gone are the days that a user-preferred to make a purchase by opening an ecommerce website on the desktop. In this era where mobile phones are available 24/7, people prefer downloading the app and making the purchase. A large part of online sales comes from mobile apps developed by e-commerce businesses. If you are a budding e-commerce business owner, do not hesitate to invest in developing interactive mobile apps to boost the overall profits.

Being Different Will Help You Survive

Where you can easily find millions of apps on the Android and Apple stores, the fact that you have unique features will help you stand out in the crowd. Call it customization or personalization, opting for either one will help you make a difference. Add unique and exclusive features to your mobile apps that compel the users to dive in an experience that is refreshing and fun. This would only make your mobile apps development project a success.

Android Operating Systems Take The Front Seat

For you may know, most of the downloaded apps pertain to the Android operating platform. Yes, the Apple store is popular too, but the amount of attention given to the Android platform takes away the brownie points. For any business thinking of indulging in the mobile apps business, it becomes essential to develop mobile apps that are available for both the apple and android devices.

Tablets Are Leaving The PCs Behind

These days, every other user has a tablet in their hands. These large-screen handheld devices are already giving a run for the money to laptops and PCs. This implies that the tablet market is catching up and needs to be taken care of in a quest to make better profits. If you have a budding business, do make sure that your apps are accessible to the tablet audience too.

The Takeaway

These are the five facts that one should be aware of when referring to mobile apps development. No matter how small or large your business is, make sure you have a mobile app that is compatible, unique, and fun to use.