Best Language for Web Development in 2019
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Best Language for Web Development in 2019

Web development is no cakewalk. Choosing the right platform combined with coding for different web browsers, and selecting the correct coding language, there is a lot to learn. Although it is one of the fastest growing careers, but that does not mean that there is no competition. There is no doubt in the fact that to outrun the race, many wonder as to which programming language should I learn to stay one step ahead. Considering the resources available offline and online, web developers often want to know about the best language for web development in 2019, which they can learn.

Which Are The Best Language For Web Development In 2019?

We have compiled a list of the Web development languages, which every web developer needs to learn to upgrade themselves.


The fully loaded JavaScript is at present an in-demand programming language on the World Wide Web. There is no doubt that this is the language, which web developer should learn to up their game. It is usable for multiple internet browsers and an essential element for interactive websites. The JavaScript is also popular for coding in video games as well as desktop applications.


PHP, short for Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language, which provides power to social media networks including Facebook, Digg, and WordPress. The best thing about PHP is that it is free. In case, you are planning to do development work for a blogging platform, then remember that PHP was the best language for web development 2018 and is still relevant today.

PHP - a language is used for web development


Ruby, similar to Python is widely used for website development for both desktop and mobile platforms. It is a more natural web development language to learn for those working on their first web development project. It is a better option for novice web developers looking to learn complicated programming languages. Ruby is an easy-to-use language, which is known for its simplicity.


Python, although considered a language for those starting to learn web development is still a powerful language. Google, Yahoo, and even NASA prefer this application. Besides, it powers applications including Instagram, Pinterest, and Rdio. It offers high-level, server-side script designed to work for both mobile and desktop. If you are wondering about what language is used for web development on both mobile and desktop platforms, then your answer is Python.

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Although, HTML is a tough language to learn for web developers owing to its relationship with CSS3. It is evident by the fact that front-end website developers earn higher than server-side developers owing to the difficulty in understanding how both languages work together. The developers with the skills to use HTML5 / CSS3 are low as compared to those working on other languages.

Best Language For Web Development Is Essential For Your Success.


Thus, if you are wondering about the best language for web development in 2019, then make sure that you learn the languages above. These are the languages demanded from a web developer hired to produce a quality website.