Avoid These Mistakes and Make Email Marketing More Effective
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Avoid These Mistakes and Make Email Marketing More Effective

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways when you want a better ROI or return on investments. However, newcomers often make mistakes and hence it does more bad than good. If you are planning an email marketing campaign to stay in touch with your customers, then we have some essential information for you to increase your revenue website and traffic . Learn out what these email marketing mistakes are and how to avoid them-

Not Updating the Mailing List

Always use a mailing list verification service that checks for all the addresses and removes the inactive or suspicious ones. This way you get rid of the unnecessary email addresses and hassle. By replacing the non-working ones, you can add new addresses and gain new visitors to your platform. You don’t have to delete or add all of them at once, keep it a gradual process.

Not Maintaining Regularity

Another mistake that companies make is not sending the newsletter regularly. It is your responsibility to remind your subscribers that you are still running and bring something special in their inbox regularly. Once in a month is enough, but remember that you send the email every month. Bringing positive changes even gradually makes email marketing more effective.

Email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2019

Underestimating Personalization

New businesses often take the personalization thing optional. However, it always brings positive results to make it mandatory every time you send an individual email. Customization also reduces the chances of people considering the message as spam. It is one of the email marketing mistakes you must avoid and keep your subscribers in the long run. Send them the products they like based on their shopping history; known as behavioral analysis.

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Misleading Information

Misleading a customer can instantly make him unsubscribe you. If you are sending him emails that are not as promised or irrelevant in any way, you lose your customer. If you have an ecommerce platform, you can enlighten your customers with the discount codes and sale going on instead of sending them promotional content that seems to force them to make a purchase. A business has to be in a way that a user finds favorable if you want to gain trust.

 Tip: Use call-to-action words to motivate users to click the link.

Choosing the Subject Line in a Hurry

Choosing the Subject Line in a Hurry

In most of the cases, your subject line determines if a user would open the email or not. Wasting the trick makes you lose several users over time. Always think a catchy line, and that should not be misleading (saying again). A subscriber should find the relevant information inside as per the subject line; otherwise, it may lead you to be unsubscribed.


Following these methods can make you see results if you regularly analyze. You can also add up the feedback opportunity for the subscribers and know where you lack.