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A Definitive List of Top Free Blogging Platforms

In this virtual world, blogging is one of the foolproof ways to share your thoughts and valuable information all around the world.

To be a writer or blogger, you need a platform to show the magic of your perfectly bend words and thoughts. If the users find your content unique and informative, then the chances are that it can go viral in the internet landscape.

So, if you are armed with knowledge and want to share it in the online world, it is the best time to know about these top free blogging platforms.


It is a name to reckon with in the blogging world. It has helped millions of people over the world start blogs online. It is entirely free and offers many services like custom domain, hosting, and connecting the blogs with social media platforms. Besides, it works well for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and provides more visibility. It has two versions, i.e. ‘.org and .com.’


It is another very powerful drag-and-drop platform, which has benefited many bloggers. Unlike WordPress, it is very simple to use and can help you make your writing dream come true. Moreover, one doesn’t need to be a tech-savvy to create an account on the Weebly.  If you think that your content can add value to the lives of people, then you should surely give it a try.


People generally call it the brainchild of Twitter’s founders. In other words, it is one of the leading free website blogging platforms on the internet. Having your own blog on Medium can help you give mileage to your well-crafted content. Besides, you can gain a large number of regular visitors from this prominent platform.


It is one of the top free blogging platforms to share your thoughts with a wide audience. It has gained massive Goodwill in the industry for speed, security, and features. It offers various choices like themes, design, pages, navigation, and many more. On this platform, bloggers can create an account and upgrade it to a professional website by paying a nominal amount.


One of the veterans of this list is Blogger that is designed to help bloggers, especially the beginners. Apart from the free platform, it lets you enjoy some other benefits like better web exposure and easy interface. Also, there is no storage or bandwidth limit for your website.


Last but not least, Tumblr is one more great platform for blogging and promoting a brand. It is very useful for social media and search engine optimization. This free platform lets anyone share content easily with social networks. It connects easily with Google analytics. So, you can also keep track of your performance. Besides, it is very helpful for bringing traffic to a website.


As a blogger, it is imperative for you to know about these top free blogging platforms. If you want to begin your blogging journey with minimal fuss, then read more about these bloggers.