5 Prominent White Hat SEO Techniques to Maximize User Traffic
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5 Prominent White Hat SEO Techniques to Maximize User Traffic

There are two ways for achieving anything in this world. One is the right way, and the other is the wrong way. Going the righteous way might seem tricky, but it is the best way to get the desired outcomes that would stay over time. The same principle goes with SEO, which has two ways to make higher online ranking p. Where black hat SEO signifies the dark and wrongful ways, white hat SEO brings the ray of hope. The White hat SEO is the rightful way to make things work in your favor. You may ask how? Lets’ discover some great ways to get the balls rolling in the right direction.

Work Through Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

For your surprise, Meta tags are the first of things that Google reviews while crawling a website. You would benefit more when you focus on adding keywords to these Meta titles and their corresponding descriptions. A good practice could be to add the location of your business and a one-word description of your services to the titles. It would in itself be a true description that works the best in favor of good rankings.

Prefer Creating Short Yet Realistic URLs

Do you know what permalinks are? These are the permanent URLs that, in turn, aids in linking the content to your page. In simple words, the URL to every webpage should be staying static through times; hence it is called a permalink. Your focus should be adding relevant keywords to the permalink URLs to make things work. Do not forget to keep the URLs short and relevant to the context of the page. The idea should be to add three to four words to the permalink to make the SEO technique work.

The HTML Headers Tags Should Be Placed Optimally

The HTML header tags, i.e., H1 or the sub-heads tag H2 should be placed appropriately throughout the content. There is no space for misplacements when effective SEO is the ultimate destination. H1s should be placed before the major titles and subjects of the page, and the H2s should be placed before the sub-headings if any. The right trick is to use only one H1 tag for a page whereas you could add more of H2s to offer relevant information to the readers.

Speeding Up The Website Would Surely Help

Working on the overall speed of your website would work in the best of your interest when it comes to improving SEO rankings. As a result, the user experience would also be enhanced to a great extent. The right tricks would include upgrading your hosting plan, image compression, or you could also deploy a CDN, i.e., a content delivery packet to help load a website in a matter of nanoseconds.

Dive In Internal and External Linking

Whether you create internal links or external ones, by connecting web pages you directly help in boosting the SEO rankings. These links do not only help authenticate the validity of the page but also in getting more clicks and conversions over time. Make sure to enter the internal links only on pages that you wish to rank higher such as the home page or the blog posts’ page.

The Final Words

These are the five simplest white hat SEO techniques to keep track of. If you are standing on a two-way diverged pathway and feel confused about what path would benefit you in the end, white hat SEO is the answer.